Younique Detoxifying Mask | Product Review

Happy Sunday!

Are you a mask junkie like myself? If so, you're going to need this in your collection! Honestly, it's the ONLY one you're going to need in your collection!

The new Detoxifying Mask by Younique is made with Bamboo and Charcoal which are two main ingredients to absorb toxins in the skin! This mask was made to work for all skin types, as the mask re-introduces the skin to oxygen to help remove impurities and help clear pores! The gental exfoliating (no burning!), removes dead skin cells, while vitamins and tree oils help condition and norish the skin! 

Unlike other masks, this only stays on the skin for FIVE minutes, then rinse with warm water! Plus, it's reasonably priced, unlike GlamGlow or others sold at Sephora and Ulta. To apply, start by cleansing your skin. Apply a generous amount to the skin (tip: I like to use an old foundation brush), and watch as it fizzles and oxidizes the skin! You can actually feel it cleaning your skin, it's unbelievable! Side note, it made start to itch, which is normal. That's when you know it's doing its job! Use the mask 2-3 time a week for fast results!

Check out one Presenters results just after three uses! 

I'm so in love with this mask. If you suffer from acne, oily, and dry skin, then you will fall in love with this! For my readers with kiddies, this stuff is even safe for them! With its all natural ingredients it can be used for sunburn, bee stings, and even rashes! 

Want this beauty in your arsenal? Go to or click the below picture to learn more!

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