Younique Liquid Touch Foundation | Demo & Review 2016

If you haven't noticed from my social media lately, I have become a Presenter with Younique Cosmetics! I wanted to share with you the product that really pushed me to join this amazing company! 

The Touch Mineral Liquid Foundation is an all natural foundation, as Younique uses all natural
ingredients in all their products, that means NO harsh chemicals! Fun Fact: Did you know it only takes 25 seconds for your skin to absorb the chemicals from your makeup? Why wouldn't you switch to an all natural brand? Don't get me wrong, I still love other brands foundations, but have found myself using them less to avoid the harsh chemicals.

When applying the foundation, you will need a compacted brush, our Liquid Foundation Brush is seriously the best for this! I won't lie, when I bought the foundation I thought well, I have a ton of brushes so I don't need that.. until I couldn't seem to get the foundation to work with any. So, I bought it and WOW, it really is worth it! All you need is 4 drops (sometimes I just use 2!), to cover your entire face! Make sure you empty the dropper, shake for 30 seconds, then refill the dropper. After you apply the foundation to your brush, dab the foundation all over your face, then blend till your little hands fall off! A LITTLE GOES A LONG WAY! If it starts to look streaky, then you used too much. 

The coverage this gives you is UNBELIEVABLE! Just check out my video below! I also showcased how amazing our Shine Cloth makeup remover wipes are, they can be used for so many things!

Happy Sunday!

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