Pixi Glow Mud Mask - Review | June 2016

Being someone who loves experimenting with new skincare products I love finding new products and brands to try. Since I am an avid shopper at Target (who isn't), I always find myself in the beauty section wondering around seeing what is new, this trip I stumbled across the Pixi display. I usually
would just keep walking as this brand can be pricey for being a "drugstore" brand. As I was going from shelf to shelf I came across their skin care products, staring right at me was the Pixi Glow Mud Mask. I decided to go ahead and purchase this even though it was a hefty $22, and I am SO glad I did.

Does this mask apply to a certain skin type?

No. This mask is for all skin types!

What does this mask do?

This mask promises to brighten, revitalize, and boost your skins complexion, all while removing impurities and absorbing oil. Some ingredients include aloe, kaolin, and sea salt. This masks also helps with preventing breakouts. With having very sensitive and dry skin, I usually breakout whenever using a mask, but with this I have had ZERO breakouts.

What does it feel like?

If you have heard of Glam Glow, you might be comparing this to their Youthmud mask, when really it is completely different. The Glam Glow is almost hard to apply to your skin because it is chunky and thick. With this Pixi mask it applies so smoothly and a little goes a long way! Once you rinse the mask off your skin feels unbelievably soft and can see a noticeable difference.

What are some of your favorite masks to use?
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