Sunless Tanning Routine | June 2016

Regretfully in my teens and early twenty's I was one to use a tanning bed, not religiously but periodically. I stopped going a few years ago, but recently went a few months before my wedding. After recent tragedies
happening in my family due to cancer I told myself no more, that I will take care of my body and stop these unhealthy habits.

When it comes to sunless tanners, I have never found one that actually does what it says. No streaks? Yeah right. No discoloration? Hello orange! I just gave up on those type of tanners. UNTIL I fell into the hype of Loving Tan. I would hear time after time of YouTubers and bloggers talk about this stuff and I was like, no, there is no way this stuff is that good and they must be getting paid to talk this stuff up. WRONG. This stuff is THAT good.

Unlike other sunless tanners that are a lotion or even a spray, this is a mousse! I have never used a mousse sunless tanner and was amazed by how easy it made the blending process. They have three shade options, Medium, Dark, and Ultra Dark, having fair skin I purchased Dark. I would say if you have very fair to porcelain skin try out the Medium shade as you want your tan to look natural. The only downfall, I'm not even sure if I would call this a downfall, this bronzing mousse takes around 8 hours to develop. Given that it takes this long, it dries quickly and does not transfer onto your clothes or furniture, so do not feel like you have to stand around naked all day. Plus side to this is for $5 more they make a 2 Hour Express mousse, I have not tried this yet but have heard positive reviews! When I go to repurchase in a few weeks I will be giving this a try so I will keep you all updated! I almost forgot to mention that it last for OVER two weeks!

Now, lets get to the routine!

Step 1: Hop in the shower & shave!

I usually use sunless tanner on Sundays so that I have all day to lounge around. 

Go ahead and hop in the shower and shave those legs. This is very important as you don't want those leg hairs to stick to the mousse and give you little white spots all over. So make sure you remove all that hair! 

Step 2: Exfoliate! 

For this step I use Tree Hut Shae Sugar Scrub in Coconut Lime. It smells like a beach! This is going to remove any dead skin to prepare for the tanner! 

Step 3: Lotion up!

This is ONLY for your wrists, elbows, ankles, and feet. This is going to help the tanner blend over those areas of your body, we all know the struggle. Just apply a small about of your favorite lotion and that will do the trick!

Step 4: Tan!

Using a tanning glove (I will list discount codes below), apply a pump to your glove and start blending. I always start with my feet and work my way up. Lastly I apply this to my face face LAST, just half a pump and I will use a old foundation brush to blend this in (works wonders)! You can also use a old foundation brush to help blend the tanner over your wrist and ankles.

Step 5: Waiting..

Once you let the tanner dry (about 60 seconds), I will throw on some old lose clothes and just go about my normal day! As I said above I use the original Loving Tan which takes 6 hours to develop. Finally, 6 hours later I hop in the shower and rinse off! Hello tan!

Discount information for Loving Tan:

When you enter the site, enter your email for 15% off!

Free Glove: A bunch of YouTubers have a Loving Tan free glove code listed in their description boxes. (Jaclyn Hill & Casey Holmes).

Please let me know in the comments if you have any questions and let me know your favorite sunless tanner! Also, leave your blog & YouTube links below!

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