the POREfessional | Primer Of The Month : January

If you are one of the unlucky ones, like myself, and have those nasty huge pores then this primer is about to become your best friend. The POREfessional primer is oil-free, silky, lightweight, and
translucent so it can be used under foundation, above foundation, or with no foundation at all. I can honestly say this primer does what it says, just apply where your pores are most visible and tah-dah, all gone! I have heard this primer being compared to Maybelline’s Baby Face primer but I cannot say that they are alike, for me the Maybelline Baby Face was too oily which is saying a lot since I have dry skin. I love using this in combination with other primers like the Becca Backlight primer or the Benefit 15 Hour Primer.

What are some of your favorite primers?

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