Holiday Shopping Apps | 2015


Price: Free

This app is perfect for those of you who may live far away from family and friends. Gyft is an app that offers you to send e-cards from hundreds of different retailers! Right now if you try out the app you can earn $5 off your first purchase of $15 or more, plus you will receive Gyft points to save for future purchases.

Target Wheel

Price: Free

If you don't already have the Target Wheel app then you really must! This app is perfect for you avid Target shoppers who cannot walk out of there without spending $50 or more. Every time I walk into Target I whip out my phone and open up the Target Wheel app. It is very simple to use and can be very useful for helping you find the best deals in the store!

Shopkick | Rewards & Free Gift Cards

Price: Free

If you haven't joined the Shopkick bandwagon then now is the time. Shopkick offers free gift cards just for entering a store! Here is how it works; When walking into a store open up your Shopkick app, search for the store you are in and you will earn points, once you have so many you can then redeem them for free gift cards (of your choice). There are many retailers who participate in this app, like Target, Walmart, Macy's, JC Penny, Best Buy, and American Eagle.

Shopular Coupons | Weekly Ads 

Price: Free

I am obsessing with the amount of coupons is on this app! This is your personal ad flyer right on your phone! This app offers coupons, weekly ads, promo codes, and marked down items from all your favorite stores. Stores include; Target, Forever 21, H&M, Express, Hollister, Gap, Old Navy, and many more. If you are going to download one shopping app this year make it this one.

Santa's Bag | Christmas Gift List

Price: Free

This last app I wanted to mention is not a shopping app but more of a "keep track so I don't over spend this Christmas" app. First, create a list of your family and friends, a budget, and then a shopping list. Once you purchase the gifts you can then insert your receipts into the app (how cool?). This app is perfect for all of us who love to keep organized during the busy holiday season.

Do you have a favorite holiday app?

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