Love/ Hate Tag

Last week I was nominated to participate in the Love/ Hate tag by Pheobe from PhebeGiggles. Go check out her blog you guys, it's good stuff!

The rules to this tag are very simple;

Once you have been tagged you must list 10 things you hate and 10 things you love! After you are finished, tag 10 friends to complete the tag.


1.    Family: The ones that matter the most in my life, in happy times and hard times, they are always there. This past month has been rough on my family and my boyfriend’s family. It is so amazing how close you can become during a tragedy. I feel so blessed to have such great people surrounding me.

2.    Reading: Thanks to my bestie I have become obsessed with reading. I love anything from Nicholas Sparks to Gillian Flynn. My most recent read was How To Be A Good Wife by Emma Chapman.

3.    Alpacas: Last week my boyfriend and I visited an Alpaca farm on our four year anniversary and it was so fun! I know what you are thinking, that’s what you did on your anniversary? YES and it was amazing!

4.    Dunkin Donuts Coffee: I AM OBSESSED. Every morning I rush through the drive through to grab my usual, a large caramel coffee with extra cream and two spleda. Try it!

5.    Sharks: I have been in love with sharks since I was about 13 when my Dad introduced me to Shark Week. What a weird animal to be in love with right?

6.    Fashion: I must say, I wasn’t into the whole fashion thing until my senior year of high school when I started to dress for myself. I loved it so much that I obtained my degree in Fashion Merchandising back in 2009.

7.     Ruffle Bacon and Cheddar Chips: Just try them. THEY ARE SO GOOD!

8.     Fall: Who doesn’t love fall? The perfect weather, not hot but not freezing. The clothes are probably my favorite, breaking out my boots and scarves! I can’t wait!

9.     Daisies: I’m not sure why this is my favorite flower but I just love them!

10.  Rainy Days: I live for rainy days, isn’t that depressing? Ah. I just find it so peaceful and pleasant.


1.     Talking on the phone: I would rather just send a text message than talk on the phone. I find it so awkward at times to where I just want to hang out. Maybe I’m just awkward.

2.     Crickets: Do I even have to explain why? They HOP people! I think these might be worse than spiders for me.

3.     Driving: HATE IT. I wish I could fly everywhere!

4.     Winter: How miserable is winter? Don’t get me wrong, the snow is really pretty to look at but I could go my whole life without touching snow or feeling the below zero wind chill.

5.     Bra Straps: Come on ladies, hide those bra straps! This might be my biggest pet peeve. Get a strapless bra or something, I beg of you.

6.     Feet: I don’t want to talk about it.

7.     Washing my hair: I can’t be the only one who hates this. Washing, conditioning, drying, then styling is just SO MUCH WORK. Thank goodness for dry shampoo.

8.    Heels: I know you are thinking, girl, you were a fashion major and you don’t like heels? I love to look at them, they are all so pretty, I just cannot walk in them to safe my life.

9.     Bills: No explanation here.

10. The city: I live in Cincinnati, which is a pretty big city. I have always wanted to live in LA or Chicago. That is until my boyfriend took my out to his home town, which is allllll farms and full of the most polite people I have ever met. Living in the city has its perks, but the country is where its at. Who knows maybe one day we will end up there!

I am going to tag some of my blog family, have fun ladies!

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