Coco for Coconuts!

Today it’s all about them coconuts! I wanted to share with you, my top 3 coconut products that I am loving this summer.

3. Coconut Water Facial Mist

This is a DIY product. The ingredients are super simple! All you need is a spray bottle, coconut water, witch-hazel, and rosewater.
Coconut Water - (2 cups) There is a few options when choosing coconut water. You can either use water from an actual coconut or Harmless Harvest, which is 100% raw coconut water (a good place to find this would be a Whole Foods in the beverage section). 

Witch-hazel - (1/2 cup) If you had the chicken pox when you were a kid then you are all too familiar with witch-hazel.  I never realized all that it can be used for. Witch-hazel can help control blemishes and reduce inflammation (which is good for bags under your eyes, just don’t get it in your eye!). If you want to know more uses google knows everything.

Rosewater – (1/2 cup) This was probably the hardest one for me to find. If you are an expert do it yourself-er then you can make your own. You can find all types of recipes on Pinterest. I chose the easy way out and bought Burt’s Bees rosewater toner. Rosewater can be used to soften dry skin, toning, aromatherapy, and even a natural makeup remover.

All you have to do is mix the ingredients into your spray bottle, give it a shake, and spray! I usually will spray this before I put my make-up on in the mornings, and sometimes before I go to bed.  It is SO refreshing and hydrating. Don't just limit this to your face, this can be used for all over body use as well!

2. Ogx Coconut Water Shampoo & Conditioner


If you have never used an Ogx product, I would highly suggest you try them out. They have many different types of products to suite any type of hair. I chose to try out their Coconut Water shampoo and conditioner. One, I was sick of spending so much money on shampoo when I wasn’t seeing and spectacular results, and two; I just LOVE the smell of coconut! It is so light, so you don’t feel like it is weighing your hair down. My hair has never felt so soft and has never looked so shiny (not in a greasy way). I feel as though I can go a little longer without washing my hair.

** Ulta usually has these products buy one get one 50% off!

1. Ogx Coconut Milk Oil


I could rave all day about the Ogx Coconut Milk oil. This can be used on wet or dry hair. I use a dime size amount on damp hair right after the shower. Do not use more than a dime size or else your hair will be a greasy mess! If you are going to use this on dry hair, I would recommend using it after you are done styling it for the day. If your scalp is oily (like me) I would suggest only using it on your ends as they tend to dry out due to heat from styling tools. This will help with fly a ways, and help shine your hair right up. I’m not kidding when I say this is one of the best products I have ever used on my hair!  

Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post. I hope you give these products a try.  Please leave some comments below letting me know if you liked them. It’s totally cool if you end up hating them, but I don’t think you will. Also, if you have any coconut products that you love please share!

See ya next time!

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