PRIME of The Month - August 2015

Sheer Envy Color Correcting Primer by Hard Candy

Having a lot of redness, some days worse than others, I use this primer to help alleviate the discoloration. Using a color correcting primer can help balance skin tone, neutralize redness, and like other primers, help create a flawless canvas for an even makeup application. I stumbled upon this gem accidentally, originally going in to buy the Glamoflauge Concealer by Hard Candy. This primer truly does do what it's intended to, my redness is 98% gone after one application. 

When you first use the primer, don't let the green color freak you out, it's normal and compliments the red discoloration. The texture is a little strange so make sure you rub it in well when applying. Overall, I would highly recommend this to those of you with dry, red, and discolored skin.

Hard Candy products are reasonably priced and can be found at Walmart or the Hard Candy website. This primer was only $8! Win! 

Thank for reading! Come back next month to see which primer I will feature. If you have any suggestions please comment below!

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