Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette | Review 2016

Since this palette is all the rave right now I knew I had to post a review asap! I just received this palette in the mail last Wednesday and was so excited to dip right in, and that I did.

Pixi Glow Mud Mask - Review | June 2016

Being someone who loves experimenting with new skincare products I love finding new products and brands to try. Since I am an avid shopper at Target (who isn't), I always find myself in the beauty section wondering around seeing what is new, this trip I stumbled across the Pixi display. I usually

Sunless Tanning Routine | June 2016

Regretfully in my teens and early twenty's I was one to use a tanning bed, not religiously but periodically. I stopped going a few years ago, but recently went a few months before my wedding. After recent tragedies